Objectives and methods of operation

International Institute of Environmental Policy and Strategy

The Fundation:

  • apolitical in nature
  • a non-profit entity of public utility
  • cooperates with the Polish Ecological Club
  • located at al. Kijowska 14, 30-079 Kraków, email: eko@wszib.edu.pl

Objectives and methods of operation

Main objectives of the Foundation:

  1. protection of natural environment;
  2. support of pro-environmental initiatives of citizens;
  3. co-operation with municipal, commune, county and provincial authorities in the field of ecology;
  4. initiation and support of operations in the field of energy management in line with the principles of sustainable development;
  5. promotion of eco-development of rural areas;
  6. organization of conferences, seminars and trainings regarding pro-ecological solutions

The statutory objectives of the Foundation are accomplished, among others, by:

  • organization of congresses, conferences and scientific seminars;
  • publishing activities;
  • trainings;
  • co-operation with individuals and legal entities within the  Foundation’s scope of activity;
  • representation of the interests of various groups related to power engineering that operate for the sake of the
  • implementation of energy-saving and renewable sources of energy, the consolidation of RES producers and other supporters of environmental innovation
  • co-operation with local and central authorities and NGOs within the scope defined by the Foundation’s objectives;
  • Conduct, initiation and support of judicial lobbying to influence the accomplishment of the Foundation’s targets